Montag, 5. September 2011

Haunted by crows

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First you have to know that they always find me. I mean: they ALWAYS find me. Sometimes it takes a while but at least they'll be there. Mostly disturbing my sleep. This time I really didnt think about them, but then, the 2nd morning in Italy when I was sitting outside there it was: a loud crooooow crooooow. I looked around but saw nothing. Then .- a big grey bird sitting on the top of a tree near the garden, starring at me.
Crooow Crooow. Ok. Must be something like a raven or a crow, it sounds like this. They found me. So the next morning, sitting on the chair in the garden, shouting at me to stand up. AW... So I have a daily reminder for my daily practise. The gods always send a sign!

P.S. after researching the internet: it was a Hooded Crow

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