Freitag, 16. September 2011

How can Magic happen

We all tend to think that Magic ist NOT for us. That Magic is someting for magicians, or witches, or others, for those who are trained in, or seek for. Maybe you think Magic is something about beeing surrounded by candles, burning down incense and mumble "hocus-pocus".

But what about, for example the magic of your first love?
Do you remember the feeling?
This special feeling, to have a secret that you'd like to spread all over the world, this feeling that you must be someone special if this wonderful person feels the same when looking at you?

This was Magic already.
Magic makes you feel special cause you ARE special.
There is no other person that is like YOU.
And falling in love often bring you back to this.
The other person is like a mirrow, showing you your beauty.

Magic is about feeling magic and feeling beloved.
If you are feeling magic you suddenly do things you would never belived you could ever do that.

Thats the whole secret.
Start feeling magic again, then you are magic.

You are beloved from what or who ever you would call this force - the great Creator, the Universe, the Diety, the Mighty Ones.

Magic is in you.

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